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The Community Health Workers Association of Rochester, Inc., (CHWAR) provides a Community Health Workers Training Program every year. The CHWAR CHW Training provides the basics of home visiting, communication, outreach safety, stress management and HIPAA compliance. The training model was created and implemented by experienced CHWs. Trainings are facilitated by “boots to the ground” CHWs and provide face-to-face, hands-on training and practice skills. 

CHWAR is excited to announce that many of the CHW training graduates, have gone on to find employment in the field. 

This training program is designed to provide CHWs with the specific skills they need to conduct the tasks and accomplish the roles that have come to describe the CHW practice.

Target group: Individuals seeking an entry-level career in the healthcare field as a CHW.  

Duration: A combination program of classroom instruction and internship.

Certification: HPOG training is a certified Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Individual Training -WIOA Training

Training consultations and tailored training available, upon request.

Trainees working in capacity engagement will be able to identify the correlation of their roles with that of a community health worker using the various skill set that will promote effective community outreach.  Trainees will learn the basics of home visiting: communication, outreach safety, stress management, mandated reporting and professionalism from experienced CHW trainers in the field of outreach. Trainees will also be instructed on the various health needs of the community.

The Community Health Worker Association of Rochester curriculum is available as a 96-hour instructional and 108-hour practice course of study. In addition to the core competencies, training in disease-specific topics is available. Disease-specific training includes Diabetes, Asthma, Hypertension, Cardio-Vascular Disease, and Nutrition.  


Upon completion of the training in core competencies and disease-specific topics (as desired), CHWs typically receive additional training in working within the specific concentration of their programs during an internship/mentoring period of 108 hours.


Please contact or 585-957-0032 for any further questions.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Interest in becoming a CHWAR?

We are offering scholarships to qualified candidates.



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